Mashariki Cottage



Its name in Swahili means “EAST”.

The sister twin of our Magaribi cottage, it is inspired on Swahili building combined with an Ibiza style of construction. This cottage has personality features with in Kusini beach cottages complex. Its arched windows and its patio, that work as a room distributor on the ground floor dependencies, gives this cottage a Mediterranean feeling, with its spiral ladder staircase which connects all the floors of the house, giving transparency and welcoming to all house residents.

It consists in 3 bedrooms en suite (1 suite room and 2 standard bedrooms) ideal for 6 persons, but could fit up to 8.

It has various dining areas, indoor and outdoor. On the first floor there is the large suite room, with private dining and veranda.

 The rent of the cottage is per night on Self Catering (clients provide their own food and drinks), and it includes an expert chef and a waiter (who also take care of and clean the cottage and rooms).