Activities to do at the coast

Deep sea fishing
Don’t miss the great adventure in the deep sea “GET HOOKED” is a company dedicated to deep sea fishing, which restlessly searches for the capture of the Marlin and Barracuda in the big Indian ocean!
Sailing/fishing with local boats (catamarans/dhows)
For the sailing lovers, the experience of navigating and fishing with autochthonous catamarans and Dhows is unforgettable. Pushed by the wind, enjoy yourself watching the use of the Latin sail introduce by the Arabs, go sailing along the coral rift located between Diani Beach and the Indian ocean.
Day trip to Mombasa (Fort Jesus)
From Kusini we can organize excursions (full day or half day) into the heart of Mombasa Island. You will walk along the Old Town (the historical part of the city), with its local markets and visiting the biggest wood carving cooperative in East Africa.
Day trip (or ½ day) to Wasini Island
You can be picked up in Kusini by car, where you’ll drive up to Shimoni, a fisherman’s village where you can visit the caves where in historical times slaves awaited their departure to their destination of Zanzibar. You will then get in to a sailing Dhow to Kisite Marine Park, in front Wasini Island. When the tide is low there, it shows up a precious white sand bank surrounded by all types of tropical fish, dolphins, turtles, and so on. You will also be delighted with crab and Swahili kitchen for lunch.
Day trip to Shimba Hills
Around 30 kms. separates Kusini from a National Park featuring amazing tropical vegetation, big herds of elephants and other species of animals. Its high light recalls within a diverse variety of antelopes as well as and the endangered and unique endemic specie in the world, the SABLE antelope. Before lunch, there is an interesting light trekking to Sheldrik falls and lunch will be in a Lodge located inside the park with amazing views over a gathering of water. Field trips organized from Kusini.
Quads excursions
For Quads riders, this company offers guide excursions around tracks and villages nearby Diani beach.
Kite surfing / Wind surfing
Diani beach is internationally known for all types of water sports. Its spectacular waters and favorable winds made it unique for kite-surf and wind-surf. Courses for beginners and equipment renting for water and wind lovers, there is a large offer on Diani Beach.
Along the coral rift in front of Diani beach (Kusini Beach Cottages) there is a large number of diving spots. There is also a large offer of diving courses and packages to be able to enjoy this sport during your stay. Dolphins and whales show up during January and February, it’s a perfect place for diving
Visit the Colubus Trust Forest
This is a beautiful experience where you will discover the Colubus Angolensis, type of primate endemic of the coast. This Trustee organization will guide you inside the tropical forest close to the beach where wild Colubus inhabited. They work for the conservation of this specie that today enjoys respect from the inhabitants of the
Restaurants and Bars / Discos along Diani Beach
There are numerous restaurants along Diani, with all type of meals like Swahili dishes, Italian Pizzerias, Japanese tapanyaki, etc. Night clubs open until morning for those ones who want to dance all night. Night life in Diani is alive and secure.
Tennis Court
If you ever want to learn how to play tennis or you want to improve your technique, we can facilitate for you well experience tennis couches at Kusini. Your stay can be full fill with daily tennis lessons from the hand of MR. FAIZAL (he plays for Kenya in Davis Cup) . At a very affordable rates, we can also provide you the equipment free of charge. And to add more excitement, we also can erect a Beach Tennis court right on the beach, that will make you sweat while enjoying this new sport.